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Photo Plymouth 18-ton Switcher Photo Lehigh and Hudson River Ore Hopper Photo Porter 65-ton "Fireless Cooker"
Photo Milwaukee Road Ice Bunker URTX 37351 Photo NKP Steel Box Car #25228 Photo France Stone Quarry Side Dump Car
Photo Fruit Growers Express Wooden Ice Refrigerator Car FGEX 35932 Photo Wabash F7A #671 Diesel Metal Reefer URTX 31003
Photo Tank Car Photo N&W #401 Railroad Safety and Mechanical Instruction Car Photo Nickel Plate Road Passenger Uniforms and Table Service
TSCX Collection (in Troop Sleepers) Photo N&W Steel Caboose #518397 Photo B&O Alco SA #9096
Photo Troop Sleeper L&N Railway Express Agency Baggage Car #1484 Photo Pennsylvania Railroad (United States Mail Railway) Post Office Car #6570
Photo NKP RSD-12 Diesel #329 Photo NKP Dynamometer Car X50041 Photo NKP Cupola Caboose #700
Photo NKP Bay Window Caboose #423 Photo NKP Box Car (Anniversary Car) Photo NKP Gondola #70130
Photo NKP GP30 Diesel #900 Photo Milwaukee Road Fairbanks-Morse Switch Engine #740 Photo Milwaukee Road Coach #618
Photo Wheeling & Lake Erie Curtice, Ohio Depot Photo Erie Concrete Phone Booth Photo Communication Box
Photo B&O Switchman's Shanty Photo Double Outhouse (His & Hers) Photo AC&Y Semaphore
Photo Wheeling and Lake Erie Elevated Crossing Watchman's Tower Photo NKP Telephone Shanty Photo Fairmont Motor Car
Photo Motor Cars and Trailers Photo N&W Derrick Crance #514900 Work Train Kitchen Car
Photo N&W #402 Railway Safety Instruction Car Photo New York Central Freight House Photo New York Central Snow Plow 3X665
Photo Car Pusher Photo B&O Wagon Top Caboose Photo NKP Piggyback Trailer
Photo CB&Q Silver Dome No.4714 (9401) Photo Amtrak #8002 (Seaboard Airline Diner) The American Life Car
Photo Nickel Plate Road Coach No. 105 Photo Sandusky (replica of the first locomotive to run in Ohio) Photo NKP Wooden Caboose #1047 (restored)
Photo Wheeling & Lake Erie Caboose 0911 (restored) Photo Railway Express Agency Mack Truck Photo LS&MS (NYC) Section House (Museum Entrance & Video Theater)
Photo N&W SD9 2349, formerly
NW #52, NKP #349
Nordberg Manufacturing Co. Model AP MoW Spike Puller Fairmont MoW Brush Cutter
Photo Trackside Gift Shop Photo Nickel Plate Road Steel Caboose #783 Picnic/Shelter Areas
Restrooms & Water Fountain
Photo NKP Berkshire #757

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